About Us


We are a dynamic public safety, leadership, training, youth advocate, and law enforcement professionals

We’ are translating research on “What Works” into Solutions for several community and organizations:  Promoting Awareness, Identifying the Root cause of a problem and offering Solutions to Prevent Re-occurrence.

We consult and collaborate with organizations, schools, and the community on several topics:  mentoring, effective management, restorative justice, treatment, rehabilitation, personal development, violence, victims support, team motivation, through awareness and citizen action ​

We believe that knowledge and experience are just the beginning and gaining commitment to a plan – and turning that plan into action – depends on positive human working relationship and teamwork.

We also engage today’s youths with positive social groups and constructive activities that addresses negative relationship, violence, racism, poverty, and educational inequality, to help them successfully navigate and transition into adulthood.

We are small enough to allow you to give fully in engagements. We are structured enough to offer individualized mentoring and coaching, but flexible enough to give you exposure to many areas

We ​are dedicated to promoting public safety in schools, working with at-risk youths, teachers, community leaders and corrections and criminal justice by bringing advocates, policy makers, practitioners, and researchers together.

It is our goal to deliver quality, cost-effective training and services designed to offer the latest solutions that addresses Leadership style, balancing work and life, school violence from bullying to sexual assaults, domestic violence, substance abuse, managing staff, strategic vision, and resiliency in students, including motivational speaking.

Our programs are designed to offer hands on skills and theoretical training for professionals and youths to succeed through change-management and personal development

Please contact us to learn how  through our partners we can customize and build presentations or to lead discussions in your classroom, organization or at your conference  on several topics.


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